Sunday, July 1, 2012

SAP BODS Interview Questions FAQs

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What are SAP R/3 sources?
What is degree of parallelism?
Types of caches in Dataflow?
what is ABAP dataflow?
Complex situations in BODS?
Describe table comparison tranform?
How to capture data, net change data, if there is no identifier flags in source (no dates, no flags etc..)?
What are real time jobs?
What is embedded dataflows?
Types of transforms in BODS?
What is Idoc files?

1. How to update data through script?
sql('DS_ILX', 'update tab_x set a = /'XXX/' where a is null');

2. Create files based on department? If department numbers are fixed.
Use case transform for each department.

3. Create files based on department? If department numbers are not fixed.

Design type 2 in BODS?
1. History preserve transform
2. Table comparison, map operation, case transform

What will happen if a column removed in sql t/f?
1. Job will not show error while validating but during running or if we update schema in sql t/f, it will fail.

How to call a batch script in BODS?
1. EXEC function

How oracle table values loaded into variables?
1. SQL function

How to use pushdown sql in BODS?
1. To limit data from source/target
2. Reduce the barrier between source/target to BODS

What are date types available?
What are the available memory types in data flows?
1. Pageable
2. In Memory
The software provides the following types of caches that your data flow can use for all of the operations it contains:
  • In-memory
    Use in-memory cache when your data flow processes a small amount of data that fits in memory.
  • Pageable cache
    Use a pageable cache when your data flow processes a very large amount of data that does not fit in memory.
How to import data from table in datastore?
1. Import table by giving owner name

How many types datastores in BODS?
3 Types
  • Databases and mainframe file systems.
  • Applications that have pre-packaged or user-written adapters.
  • J.D. Edwards One World and J.D. Edwards World, Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, SAP ERP and SAP NetWeaver BW, and Siebel Applications. See the appropriate supplement guide. 

Difference between parameters and variables?

What are the available lookups and brief about those?

Difference between row by row and cached in table comparison?
Huge (more than 50% source) delta data/net change data, then cached
Less than 20% source data then row by row 

Available flags in Map Operation transform?
Insert, update, delete, discard

What is the use of row limit fetch?
Commit check points

What is hierarchy transform?

What is dataflow audit?

Use of number of loaders in target?

What are SCD?
Slowly changing concept for dimensions only

What are additive and non additives?
This concept for Fact only

What is conform dimension?
Time dimension - Fiscal and calender can be maintained with same dimension
Same dimension for sales fact and inventory facts

Brief about oracle exception? Built in and user defined?

Write an exception to update data when data not inserted?
Exception when unique constraint error exists - Duplicate

Can we do DML operation in oracle function?

Can we call oracle function with DML operation in SELECT statement?
It throws error

What is the use of user hints?
If table is having multiple indexes, we can suggest which index need to be used.
Parallel option

How parallel hint works?
Based on number of usages

Difference between procedure and package?
Procedure will be locked state when it's using
Package will not be locked

What is incremental load?

How dimensional loading and fact loading will be implemented in BODS?

What are the transforms used in BODS?

What is the use of MAP_OPERATION transform?

What are the components in BODS?
Admin console
Server Manager
Repository Manager
License Manager
Metadata Manager
Locale Selector

What is the types of variables?
Global Variables
Local Variables

What is the use of parameters?

Types of error logs in BODS?
Error log

How to improve performance of a job?

How to identify long running dataflows in a job?

How to improve performance in BODS?
Lookup Caches, Join Ranks


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